Lauren Holly

Good Witch, Motive, NCIS

"... a performance that will get you the job."

Working with Robert always gives me confidence. Besides never having to worry that my audition looks professional, his notes are clear and his suggestions help make moments more impactful. Having such a partner allows an actor to relax and give a performance that will get you the job.

Jay Ryan

Beauty & The Beast, Top Of The Lake

"...instinctual ability to access the physical life of a character... is second to none."

Catherine’s instinctual ability to access the physical life of a character and release the actors energy is second to none. I have had many industry doors open as a result of our one on one audition sessions for feature films and television.

Peyton Kennedy

Grey’s Anatomy, Everything Sucks


"...straight to the point."

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of Robert B. Kennedy. Not
only has he been a tremendous coach but also a positive mentor in my life. I
started working with Robert when I was just beginning my acting career, and
I have booked several projects since then. I am so grateful to continuously
work on my craft with his guidance. I moved to Los Angeles because of my
career, but I still coach with him via Skype because of how fantastic he is.
Robert is straight to the point with his coaching, helping me focus on what
I’m trying to do and allowing me to do my own thing. He helps me refine my
talents and makes the best of the experience. This type of coaching works
well for me and is why I will always come to Robert whenever I am in need of
a fantastic acting coach.

Demetrius Joyette

NCIS, Degrassi (recurring) , Wingin’ It

"...opened to a whole new range of possibilities and directions."

Working with Robert has been so beneficial to me in terms of my process and understanding of a role. Going into a session I feel like I have tunnel vision, but afterwards I feel as if my eyes have been opened to a whole new range of possibilities and directions. I try to coach as much as possible, and especially with Robert.

Stephanie Morganstern

Creator: Flashpoint, X Company, filmmaker

"... high above the standard of ordinary acting coaches"

From detailed exploration of classic theatrical texts to navigating the mechanics of an on-screen self-tape audition, Catherine McNally is an outstanding resource as a young actor’s coach. She has a deep personal understanding of the industry, stemming from the high calibre of her own training and the broad span of her career… Both of these set her high above the standard of ordinary acting coaches. In her sessions with our daughter, Catherine gave her the tools for a confident, focused and professional performance and I warmly recommend Catherine’s work to anyone looking to take their performance to the next level.

Julia Lalonde

Girl in the Bunker, Amelie et Compagnie, Anne of Green Gables

"...rich, honest and interesting."

I started coaching with Robert when I was about 10 years old and six years later, I’m still going to him for help with my auditions. He always puts so much thought into the material I bring in. He’ll pick up on information or story points that I might of missed or not fully understood. He leads me to get the most out of my audition material so my portrayal is rich, honest and interesting.

Sonia Dhillon Tully

"... a perfect harmony of technique and instinct"

After a 15 year absence from acting, I booked the first major role I auditioned for thanks to Catherine’s skillful coaching. Decades of acting experiences has cultivated a perfect harmony of technique and instinct in Catherine which informs her precision as a coach. Every time I walk into a session, completely confident that I know what I am doing, Catherine takes my work to a whole other level of excellence.

Celeste Desjardin

Zombie at 17, The Bold Type, Taken

"...honesty, flexibility, professionalism and guidance."

Robert has been my acting coach for 6 years. He uses a straightforward approach to help me connect with a script and prepare me for upcoming roles and auditions. He is an impressive mentor and acting teacher who continues to challenge me to perform at my best. I cannot thank him enough for his honesty, flexibility, professionalism and guidance.

Vanessa Burns

In Contempt, Designated Survivor

"...continually improve my abilities as an actor"

I have been working one-on-one with Robert for audition coaching and e-pitches. It’s important for me to feel completely prepared, and confident in my choices before heading into an audition. Working with Robert not only strengthens these choices, but allows me to discover new possibilities, and continually improve on my abilities as an actor. Robert is extremely supportive and I know that when I work with him, I will leave fully prepared to give the CD’s the best audition I can!

Chris White

"...not interested in anything other than helping his students create the best work possible."

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rob Kennedy since 2010, first as a theatre student and then as a private client. What has always impressed me with Rob is his no-nonsense approach to the work; he is not interested in anything other than helping his students create the best work possible. Rob was also incredibly valuable as a professional mentor, preparing me for agent interviews and a wide range of auditions. Thanks to his coaching I am proud to say I have so far booked multiple projects including: two commercials, a small recurring role on Murdoch Mysteries, a featured role in a National Geographic film, two projects with the CFC, and numerous theatre engagements. It is my pleasure to recommend Rob Kennedy, and I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future!

Emilia McCarthy

Maps to the Stars

"...the first person I think of when I need any assistance with a role"

Catherine has taught and coached me for the past 5 years, each time learning something new. Her knowledge has made me grow as an actor, gaining some of my most memorable roles with her help (Maps To The Stars, David Cronenberg). She is the first person I think of when I need any assistance with a role, and I will continue to use the techniques I have gained through her teachings throughout my career.

Krystal Nausbaum

Between and Bequest

"Catherine is amazing."

Catherine McNally is a wonderful and a talented person with her help of teaching me to be a professional actress like her. I took an one on one coaching as well a self tape… she was a lot of help with that with me. Catherine is amazing. That’s how I got the part in this full length movie, and I suggest Catherine McNally teaching other people.

Sophia Ewaniuk

Flashpoint, Happy Town

Jacob Ewaniuk

Rookie Blue, Cat in the Hat


Catherine is really nice and easy to understand. A great actor and is really funny. She helped me book a recurring role in the ABC show called Happy Town which was AWESOME. I also booked a role in one episode of FlashPoint with her coaching and I just booked a role in the movie Witchslayer. She tells me the stories about the script with different ways to act the script out and sometimes she lets you do what you want if it’s good.”